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I placed an order in the Peoria, IL store for furniture, ordering and paying for home delivery. I was assured by store employees, and had a written statement on my receipt, that I could expect delivery within 1-3 weeks.

2 weeks after placing the order, I called Pier1 to see why the online status of the order was still "processing", and discovered that the order had in fact been cancelled by Pier1. I had not received any word from them about this until I called. I replaced the order, and again ordered delivery. Two weeks after that I again called Pier1 to check on the order status, because I again had not heard from them, and was told that the order was ready for delivery.

The CS rep provided me with the number to call to schedule delivery service. I did so. Then my furniture disappeared. I'd given them all of my contact information as well as my daughter's, and on the day of the expected delivery, they communicated ....

nothing. Not a voicemail, not an email, not a text message, not a picture postcard. Not a word. They simply did not show up.

I had called delivery & shipping numbers multiple times on the day prior, leaving voicemails with all of my info. I'm sure I was reachable, had they tried to contact me. In desperation I called Pier1 customer service and was told (by, again, a very pleasant person) that my merchandise was "on the truck", but she had no idea when, or even whether, it would arrive. This happened, I should point out, 4 weeks after I placed the initial order.

I have run out of patience with this company. They have zero communications with customers, zero commitment to customer satisfaction, and their inventory control system to seems to consist of "it's around here somewhere -- we think." I have sent them an email asking them to tell me where my furniture is. I do not expect to hear from them, but I absolutely refuse to waste another hour trying to get them to locate items that I have already paid for.

I'll cancel payment and let them figure it out.

Review about: Pier 1 Imports Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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