A friend gave me a present, i dont know what store she bougth it , the thing is that i went to store to get the money back or store credit, the cashier asked me for the receipt and i said i dont have it, she said ok but i cant give you the money so i could give you store credit i said ok....but the store manager was there and he said sorry but also i cant give you store credit he said... I said why ...!!! First you dont know where she bought it, second when we sold out a product you can return it, i sai i dont want it, he said sorry but i cant take it....very disapoint it

I'm not gonna ask my frien for the receip it was a present

The store manager told me bring the recepit or find out where did she buy it to go to the original store....as far I know we can retur or exchange any product no matter where you bougth it....

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Usually the product will say Pier 1 on it somewhere and they should not be rude! They should know their product education! Especially since it is suppose to be coached!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #770531

The manager does not know what he is taking about. Returns can always be made without a receipt as long as you have a valid drivers license and that we can find the item number. If they search for the item and find the SKU number and current price, they could put the few dollars on a merch credit.

Gilmer, Texas, United States #700133

I work at pier one and people bring in regifted items ALL the time. You'd be surprised at how many people will give out products we haven't had in our stores in years as presents.

Plus, it's not our fault you didn't like your gift. She probably got it off the clearance anyway and paid like 2 bucks.

We fully have the right to refuse returns. You didn't spend your money on so you really shouldn't even be mad.

to lolno1222 El Paso, Texas, United States #908395

I've shopped at Pier 1 for many years and I very rarely see anything priced at $2 bucks. You are being a ***, defensive employee probably trying to get promoted.

I hope the company will see what a bad person you will be for this company and let you go; you truly are not someone that should be in retail.

Maybe you should go work in a prison.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #698632

For all you know the gift you received could have been regifted, something she received as a gift that she didn't want and used it for a gift for you, you could do the same.

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