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I find it hard to believe that in 2018 these stores are still trying to pull off this old school policy of following black people around stores as if they are going to rob them blind. They are so ignorant and bold with it as well, even going as far as to make eye contact w/you without saying a word. Hmmmm... I think it would be a little challenging to stuff 3 rugs in my purse or in my tight jeans.

This young, ignorant, racist, girl had no clue that the middle-aged black woman that she was profiling had spent hundreds of dollars in that store recently (and is still in the process of furnishing a newly built $650K home), had no clue that the person she was profiling makes more money in her Corporate America job in 1 MONTH than she makes in two YEARS in her part-time retail job!

This young, ignorant, racist girl needs to look in the mirror and realize that research shows that people that look like her (young white girls) are actually the ones that shoplift the most in stores.

This young, ignorant, racist girl is the reason that most people (including me) choose to shop on line so they don't have to deal with this BS. I HOPE that this store is on the chopping block for Pier 1 stores. I will NEVER step foot in this store again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pier 1 Imports Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Face it you the customer has caused this. They are not mind readers so they don’t know if you are actually honest or not.

Everyone gets followed benit white or black. You want to get mad at the company but they are only RESPONDING to the theft that you the customer commits daily. If you want to be mad then be mad at the black people who were thieves. Who rob people.

Or the white people who steal everything and try and scam so they pay less. Getting mad at a retail store that has been reduced to having to follow customers around to be sure they don’t steal is getting mad at THE VICTIM!!! They have lost money and product yet YOU feel slighted when followed? Priorities PLEASE!!!

And maybe instead of being a stuck up racist maybe you can try and make friends with the person who is following you. Last time I was confronted like this I MADE them carry my purchases. If they are going to follow me around they are going to be useful. Be upset with the right people it’s unfortunate that it’s that person in the mirror.

And please don’t insult the world intelligence by saying you have NEVER taken anything. Even taking sugar packets is theft.

to Durpa #1530264


Does your corporate America employer know how racist you are towards young white females?

to Anonymous #1540364

Yes, my employer actually provided this statistic. I'm guessing you probably don't want to know the typical perpetrator of workplace violence??

That will surprise you as well. Good Day!


This happened to me today in the pier 1 store on the Berlin turnpike in Newington CT by “assistant manager” named URSZULA


UNREAL- Sad to hear Panyin but it helps to know that I wasn't going crazy/seeing things!


This happened to me too in Kansas City Mo 12/24/2017.

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