I purchased 2 plug in diffusers from pier one. One did not leak and one did, all over my vanity top and ruined the finish.

Pier one said there was nothing they could do because I no longer have the diffuser. ( I got rid of it to prevent and other damage). I have pictures of the damage.

I was told there is a warning that the oil can cause surface damage, but my point is when you use something as it is designed to be used you should not have a problem. There is no warning on the diffuser itself.

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I had the same problem. I'm bringing it back.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1304635

Just found that these pier 1 plug in's melted the finish off my kitchen cabinet that it was plugged into underneath. Not very happy! What kind of chemicals do you folks dump into these things???

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1234049

This things should be banned. I used to use them and the oil leaked out of defuser and ruined a section of my natural wooden floor.

And my friend's actually was smoking, ready to catch fire. Do yourselves all a favor, never purchase these things.


This isn't a scam. And, I still have all of the evidence - pictures and faulty diffusers.

I noticed the problem when I went to change out the scent bulbs. My plugins are in inconspicuous places. I don't really look there until I need to change them. One is behind a chair and the other is by a closet.

I totally believe the original post. These things are really dangerous and Pier 1 really should do something about it.


I had the same problem! Only both of my plugin diffusers leaked.

The oil seems to have bubbled out the top and down over the plug. My outlets are fried and brown and there is brown juice drips down my walls. I've had the diffusers for a while and they have never done this. It happened after I switched to one of the new scents - Vintage Linens.

I noticed that they have changed the plugin diffuser style. I bet they know there is a problem and refuse to admit it.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #807602

So you're saying you want compensation over a mistake YOU made. You got rid of the evidence and then you want money to replace something you can't even prove that their diffuser caused it?

What I'd like to know is, how did you not notice diffuser oil all over your vanity, unless you don't clean like most normal people do. You're not a very good scammer are you?


Never, ever, ever leave diffuser oils near or on wood, even water-based diffuser liquid. They will take the finish off (like you said) and eat away at the wood. Always place something under the diffuser.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #600370

You could have put the diffuser in a baggie and taken it back to Pier I. It wouldn't have been that difficult to do.

There could have been a natural flaw in it, things do happen. You can't expect compensation without taking it back so they can look at it.

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