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After working a 9 hour day, ran in there on the way home. It was cold and blistery but I had confidence that I could run in there, purchase a cute "thank you" gift and get back out the door.

Well, I found a "blinged out" desk clock for my coworker and yep, was in/out of there in about fifteen minutes. Mission accomplished. Went to wrap the gift the next morning and the prodcut was broken. The second hand swung freely and wildly about.

I was furious. Now I couldnt return the kind gesture my coworker presented to me the day prior. I have to work a full day and take ANOTHER trip to Pier 1 to return this overpriced peice of trash. Upon arrival I was greeted and asked if I could use some help.

I told the lady, whom happened to be the manager. ("TAYLOR") She grabbed the clock out of my hand and kept on walking. No mention on where she was going. Next thing I know, she is in front of me with another clock...the same type.

No apology for my inconvenience, didnt ask if I wanted a refund. No suggestions. Nothing. I told her I wasnt interested.

Then I walked off from her to find something else. Finally time for check out. No "Taylor' around. Instead I get this "new girl" who doesnt know how to issue a refund.

"Taylor" was by the door talking to a friend about daily life situations. She remained there the entire time while this cashier struggled. I finally said loudly, "if you need help, GO TELL TAYLOR because I am not comign in here a third time." Taylor said "I will talk to you tomorrow." and ended her convo. Quickly came to the register and took over the transaction.

Again, no apology, no eye contact. I might as well of been in walmart or a big boxed store with this type of service. Anyway.....I wont be going back. I further went on the website and described my scenario.

I got a genric response...then they offered to send me a fifteen dollar gift card...and an apology. I will give that away as a gift. I will never go back to that store.

Someone needs to tell Taylor about what the title "manager' means. She obviously doesnt know.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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So you get annoyed and yell at the at the poor "new girl" having problems with doing a refund? Dang.

Hartford, Connecticut, United States #679915

Yep, completely Talyor's fault! She obviously broke the second hand herself just to annoy you!

But it sounds like she did you a favor, because you must not have really liked that co-worker anyways. I mean, you did buy her an "over-priced piece of trash" to begin with. And of course you should be getting angry with the new girl! Because no one in the history of the universe has ever started at a new job and not been sure how to do something!

How dare she try and do it herself!

She should have had someone holding her hand from the get go! I mean you never learn anything by trying.

Good luck in life, asshat :grin

to bubbles #807732

what's an asshat? oh, yeah....your probably a....oh never mind. not worth the convo.

PS..just like becky....pretty brave on the keyboard, eh?

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