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Shopping around 7:50pm on 12-17-12 for gift for Christmas party. Made my selection asked cashier BEFORE she rang me up for GIFT RECEIPT in case my friend wasn't satisfied.

Another customer walks up, another cashier is helping her and my cashier starts talking with the other customer. Then she explains to me....I'm sorry I FORGOT to print out your GIFT RECEIPT. I'll have to void the charge out and redo the transaction. Okay.

Again I have to swipe my card.I'm on my way. Today I check my bank and the charge was deducted TWICE! Icall the PIER 1 where I made the purchase, asked to speak to store manager. Michelle was her name.I told her what happened and immediately without even apologizing for my inconvenience, she starts blaming it on my bank!

She tells me I have to take it up with the bank, but she will FAX them a copy of voided sale. So I told her because my cashier DID NOT LUSTEN TO ME....then I have wasted 2 hours of my time and I still don't have my money back!

Monetary Loss: $28.

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I guess I missed the inconvenience? why because you had to call?

wow two hours wasted?



we thankfully no longer have to void the transaction it can easliy be reprinted

Sacramento, California, United States #587247

But the real problem was the sales person allowing herself to being distraction which led to the second swipe of the card. This problem would have been avoided, if the sales person was paying attention to what she was doing. If you don"t want customers getting upset, then pay attention.


Having worked at a pier 1 the process to get a gift receipt if one was forgotten to be printed out is a pain since you do have to void the original transaction. Having a new pos system that would make that easier would solve such problems.

However once the transaction is voided is does take anywhere from 5-10 business days depending on your bank. Not on pier 1. Once the transaction is voided it is out of their hands and up to your bank at that point. But having patience with everyone working in retail during this time of year is a breath of fresh air.

As a sales associate I am doing everything I can to help my customers.

But mistakes happen and accidents are made. It's not done intentionally.

Bellevue, Nebraska, United States #584251

Again this is correct, you need to take this up with your bank about them releasing the funds. You also need to realize this is a holiday shopping season and need to be a little more respectful to those that are out working in the field serving people like you.

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