FYI to all the writers on this website and as a former Pier One employee most of your comments if not all of them (the negative one) are true. Pier one treats their employees bad as well and the store pushes their credit card on the employees' While I was working for them I only made $8.05 per hour, and the credit card has a 26.99% interest rate and it should be criminal on the part of Pier One to ask an employee who is making only $8.05 to open a credit card and in the emp. handbook it states if you can not pay the credit you can be fired. hahaha! Crazy, right!

Also, the managers (MODs) pushes opening instant credit (IC) as one of the top priority for the store and management reminds each employee who has not opening up IC that they are not doing their job because "they" are not opening up credit cards. As if the employee has some kind of special powers. So now you know why as a customer you are harassed about opening up credit cards. As employees we are harassed if we do not open a credit and share/harass the customer the entire time you are shopping to open up a credit card, and when the customer say no Pier One management tells the employees they must over come the obstacle of the customer not wanting a card by being a little bit more pushy! So Pier one customer you are not the only one being harassed. To work for Pier One is overwhelming…. Pushing the Credit card is one of the main reasons I believe for the high turn over of employees, and I also believe Pier 1 Imports is in financial trouble, and it is only a matter a time before the doors close permanently for Pier 1 Imports.

The second reason Pier 1 imports has a high turn-over of employee is because of the rate of pay and you work 6-12 hours a week if that and those employees are called limited status which is most of the employee. Who can live off 6-12hrs or less than 20 hours a week at $8.05? Pier 1 is EVIL!

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This is a very outdated review...There is still the push for loyalty, but as long as you are simply asking if people want to sign up for the card, you're not going to be blamed if they say no. A couple days ago, I brought up the card to a customer as she was checking out.

She said, sure, I'll do it. I looked at her stuff again and said "actually, let's hold off. You have 3 things on clearance, and one thing regular price, so you would only be saving 15% on this $10 item. It's not really worth it." And she was thankful that I said that.

Of course every store and every MOD is different, but if what you said is true, it's your management's issue.Also, I was NEVER pressured into getting a card. My boss brought it up when I was training like, "and just so you know, employees are automatically upgraded to Platinum, which comes with extra perks." And I said no, and she was okay with that


All that is absolutely true!

Roscoe, Illinois, United States #1039384

Beware of pier 1. Look on the back of your receipt, it says right there that you cannot return anything unless it is in perfect condition and in the original wrapper.

I brought a papa sans in that broke I just bought it five days prior, and the bamboo pieces broke and I was told that I cannot return it . I sent letter to office and was asked to send photos. I had already explained to the store manager I was leaving the next day for Florida for all winter . The manager at the store saw the papa sans why didnt she just return it for a new one?

Do not shop here you will lose your money every product they have in their store is main China, it is junk .

Don't buy it.


You're exactly right! I use to work there for a little under a year, and found a new job ASAP.

Their hours/wage is awful, and both of the managers I had were just as terrible. The first one took the cake for being verbally abusive and a borderline sociopath. On more than one occasion, she would have me get a chair down by myself off the taller ladder and have me do several jobs that required two people. I even had a customer run up to me and insist she help because I almost fell off the *** ladder.

The second manager was a little better, but still not the best.

She only cared about the awful credit cards with the god forsaken interest rate and constantly badgered people to sign up for them when they didn't even want them in the first place. She had me set up a couch display where I had to hang art work and wouldn't/didn't offer to help me, so I asked another employee to help, only to have them snatched away by her to work the floor when there was already another employee there to help! The art work ended up falling off of the metal hooks we use and got caught in my hair, almost taking me with it off the ladder. Luckily, there was a family right by the papasans/beanie bag display to help untangle me, although the dad had to step on the couch and dirty it up a bit, but to *** with keeping it clean if I get to keep a chunk of hair!

The cherry on top from that incident, was she told me that her first thought was, "I hope that couch didn't get too dirty from his shoe print." Are you kidding me, woman?

Long story short, they're an awful company to work for and don't give a *** about their employees or what happens to them. There have been MUCH more severe accidents that have happened to other employees like someone split their forehead open, the assistant manager chipped her tooth, split her lip and even sprained her thumb so badly she had to go on medical leave.

They have on more than one occasion been sued for copy right infringement, their products are cheap and they just don't give a *** about anyone but themselves.

Honestly, I have nothing good to say about them after being there. Go somewhere else.

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